Texas School of Sleep Medicine & Technology is involved in the A-STEP program developed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. This program is designed to train individuals in the practice of polysomnography technology. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of sleep lab facilities throughout the United States and the number of adequately trained individuals to perform and evaluate the studies has not kept pace. Texas School of Sleep Medicine offers the student an incredible opportunity to become familiar with all facets of the field of Sleep Medicine.


As an American Academy of Sleep Medicine Accredited ASTEP Introductory Provider,  we ensure adherence to all standard requirements and providing standardized education for those interested in the field of sleep technology. The ASTEP process consists of two parts.

Part I: The 80-hour Introductory Course consists of both practical and didactic training held at Texas School of Sleep Medicine in San Antonio, Texas.   Students are trained in the physical and physiological aspects of sleep disorders, familiarity with the different sleep disorders, application of monitoring electrodes utilizing the 10-20 International System as well as other ancillary monitoring equipment, calibrate monitoring equipment, and utilize proper montage and protocol used during polysomnographic studies.  The graduates are required to be able to prepare the patient for testing and successfully perform polysomnographic studies, familiarity with EKG and EEG abnormalities and the use of proper documentation and note-taking, have a good understanding, and be able to administer CPAP, BiPAP, Auto-set PAP and oxygen (O2) therapy. Home Sleep Apnea (HSAT) training is also provided.   There will be some exposure to the scoring of sleep records, but the ability to achieve this expertise is outside the scope of this curriculum.  Future experience in the field and additional courses can be taken to achieve this goal.

Completion of this course is essentially the first step in achieving certification or registry in sleep technology.

Part II: Upon successful completion of Part I students will be able to start utilizing the A-STEP Online Self-Study Modules. These modules are an essential resource as trainees prepare to take a certification exam. The course concludes with the student’s successful completion of the introductory course final exam, which is available on the A-STEP website. Several states now require licensure to work as a registered sleep technologist or technologist in training. Contact your State Medical Board for licensure requirements.

Completion of this course does not designate “automatic” ability to sit for the Board Registry for Polysomnographic Technologists, Certificate examination for Polsomnographic Technician (CPSGT) or for the American Board of Sleep Medicine Sleep Technologists Registry (RST) Examination (see www.brpt.org) and/or www.absm.org) for details.
The AASM’s A-STEP program is not finalized until the students have successfully completed both parts of the program.

Further requirements may be found at The Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT – www.brpt.org) or the American Board of Sleep Medicine (ABSM – www.absm.org).

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